Zero Waste Cotton Face Mask in Denim

Standard Issue

Zero Waste Cotton Face Mask in Denim

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This soft, cotton mask has been knitted as a zero waste whole garment design with a seamless finish. Crafted with a compact spun Cotton, the mask has a soft next-to-skin feel and offers superior comfort against the skin. 

The 'one size fits most' masks are washable, reusable and provide a soft, snug fit. Included with each mask are 2 x Helix™ Media replaceable custom filters. 

100% Cotton

Made in New Zealand
Zero Waste
Made to use with Standard Issue's 'one size fits most' mask, the Helix™ Media replaceable custom filters, made by Lanaco New Zealand, are designed to capture harmful particulate matter.
The Helix™ Filter is the worlds most breathable air filter, harnessing the unique organic properties of New Zealand wool to achieve incredibly good results – so good that it has been selected for protecting astronauts in the next manned mission to the moon and beyond. The science behind the Helix™  Filter Technology builds on the strong properties of the wool fibre which enable it to electrostatically capture particles. The wool used in the Helix™  filters has been selected through a scientific breeding programme using bred-for-purpose New Zealand sheep, to optimise the filtration characteristics of the wool.